Saturday, November 7, 2009

Green M&M - ENVY and ENVY!

When you get a Green M&M it means that a friend got something better than you, the guy in the subway right by you won the lottery and not you or someone got an envious trade in fantasy football. Because Green is ENVY!

Yes... just so you know there are no happy m&m colors, because we assume if you eat them constantly you're pretty sad.


Yellow M&M means that you are suffering from the disease Jaundice. You should actually probably get that checked out.

Blue M&M - SAD and SAD

The Blue M&M means that you have either lost a puppy, failed a test or lost a fantasy football game in a sad way... because Blue means SAD!

Red M&M = RAGE and RAGE!

When you pick up a red m&m chances are you have either been spurned by a lover, double crossed by a sibling or just lost fantasy football in a rageful way. Because red M&M means RAGE!